How I add to my wedding repertoire

I’ve played a few weddings/birthday parties over the last few months, so I’ve been adding to my repertoire! She’s a Rainbow was a lot of fun – the verse and chorus might seem a little simple or repetitive.

Once I took a look at the piano part, I found instrumental lines to help add texture… if you look closely, you can see my penciled-in notes.

Adding texture is always important as a solo musician. Especially in some contemporary songs, the vocal line doesn’t have a strong melody (see: the time I played The Shape of You at a surprise birthday party…), so finding songs that can stand alone without drums or other instruments is vital.

The other pieces I really enjoyed playing recently were some jazz standards I’ve come to love: In a Sentimental Mood and Prelude to a Kiss and My Funny Valentine, for example. These songs lend themselves to improvisation – even simple alterations give you just a little more variety and interest.

I’m updating my repertoire list to give you all a better idea of the kinds of songs I’ve added, and I’m always up for chatting about whether I can add an arrangement of a favorite song.

Send me a message, and let’s talk about your upcoming event!

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